My world

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| need to think like that. I blame myself to much | 

xoxo - just a silly teen
| We’ll go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoats. We never gonna quit it, no we never gonna quit it no |

Naked embrace is such a beautiful thing I love the feeling of her body as I cuddle her against me, and you know she’s a little colder than usual, so you hold her even tighter. This is pure intimacy.

| <3 |
| don’t worry about the ending.|
| my love |
| kissing you was one of my best dicisions |
| your love. No words, just you |
We Heart It.

| No words can describe, what I feel about you |
| No one like you | <3
| you better believe it.🌸 |

| Sometimes smoking helps. 🚬 |
We Heart It.

| ♪ |